We seek to create the best lacrosse experience for families in the South Dayton, Ohio area.

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Important information all new lax parents need to know…

So your son or daughter has decided to play a sport you don’t know a whole lot about. Many of us have been in your shoes—trying to figure out when to cheer while watching a game you don’t understand; learning new rules and what seems like a whole new language; asking questions like “can you really whack the other guy with your stick?” or “it costs how much?”

Don’t worry. The more your son plays, the more you’ll begin to understand and appreciate the beauty of the game the Native Americans still call “The Creator's Game.” Below we've gathered a bit of information to get you started, but we encourage you to go online to http://www.uslacrosse.com to learn more.

USA Lacrosse Membership

All players are required to be registered members of USA Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse. Membership benefits include insurance coverage, a free subscription to Lacrosse Magazine, discounts and more. Check out uslacrosse.org/membership to learn more.

Required Equipment List

Below is a list of equipment your son will need to play lacrosse. You can shop online at merchants such as sportstop.com, lacrosse.com, lacrossemonkey.com or dickssportinggoods.com to find a wide range of products and special deals. However, we recommend that young players shop locally at Velocity Lacrosse in West Chester, or Dick’s Sporting Goods to find the right size and style of equipment to suit your needs. Proper fit is essential to providing proper protection.

Helmet Sholder Pads Gloves Elbow Pads


Stick Cup Mouth Guard

For more information about equipment, see the USA Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guidelines.


While we would like all players to have a yellow helmet to present a unified appearance, we realize many kids may be coming from other area club teams and may already have a helmet, which means our helmets will be mismatched. With that said, if you are new to lacrosse or plan to buy a new helmet for your experienced player, we recommend you purchase an Athletic Gold helmet — the official helmet color for South Dayton Catholic Lacrosse.

When purchasing a helmet, each player should be custom fit to ensure the proper helmet is being purchased. We encourage you to shop locally with Velocity Lacrosse in West Chester where they can provide the proper color and ensure a proper fit.

Please note, smaller players may need to purchase the
Cascade CPV-R helmet for the proper fit. These helmets only come in limited colors so your player will have a white helmet and not the Athletic Gold. South Dayton Catholic Lacrosse urges you to purchase based on proper fit and not color, for the safety of your player.

Preseason Conditioning

Lacrosse players need to be well-rounded athletes, strong but not too bulky, and able to run fast and then jog before running fast again, much like soccer. Additionally, strong fundamental stick skills (scooping ground balls, passing and catching, and cradling) are essential for success. To prepare for the upcoming season we encourage your son to work on all aspects of his game.

Individual prep should include:

  • Practice catching and throwing with both hands by tossing with a friend or playing wall ball (tennis balls are fine)
  • Practice keeping the ball in your stick by cradling with both hands.
  • Work on scooping groundballs (keep “two butts down”)
  • Walk 30 minutes, jog 30mins and run 40-50 yard sprints once or twice a week
  • Several reps of sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups every other day (Seventh and eighth graders should spend some time in the weight room if they don't already.)